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Grav|Lab – Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations

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Native Oculus Touch Support

Just to prevent a little bit of confusion:

The Steam version of Grav|Lab has support for both native OpenVR and native OVR. This means when you play Grav|Lab with a Vive connected, it uses the native OpenVR runtime and when you play it with a Rift, it has access to the native Oculus runtime and does not use OpenVR. This will give the best experience on both devices.

The Steam version has also access to Steam Workshop.

About the Game

Grav|Lab would like to introduce our new range of gravity modifying appliances!

No matter how fast or how heavy your objects are, we can move them! Save money and time by replacing your entire human workforce with automated appliances from Grav|Lab

Currently awaiting regulatory approval, we invite you to visit our testing facility and give them a go! We have prepared a selection of test scenarios for you and we are certain you can solve them! Also, feel free to create your own test scenario and share them with fellow participants!

Please be aware that strong gravitational forces can cause severe brain damage! Never look directly at the emitted particles! While we tried our best to avoid the creation of micro wormholes, please never try to stack gravitational objects. All damages to the time and space continuum and involved repair cost will be passed on to you!

Our testing facility has limited amount of gravitation resistant controllers, so please bring your own headset when you visit our premises, preferably the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift+Touch.

— Grav|Lab Management

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Grav|Lab – Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations

Grav|Lab is a physics and electronic circuit puzzle game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Touch. Solve puzzles in many different ways and create new ones with the included level editor.

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