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Greedy Dungeons is a short action game with five levels in total. It appeals mostly to arcade/challenging gamers and speedrunners.

Greedy Dungeon plays like a regular classic roguelike game, except you have no attacks or weapons. The only thing you can do, is grab loot and run.

However, the difficulty of the game will increase the more gold you have on you. So the more sweet loot you carry, the bigger your aggro range and the faster the enemies.

You can always leave gold behind to cool things off, but it really pains a true dungeon runner to leave any loot behind.

That’s what the game is all about. How much loot can you get away with ?

A little dev story

This game was originally an entry for the Ludum Game Jam of December 2018, and reached a 17th place out of almost 3000 entries. After the jam was over, I really felt it could use some polish, some more levels and a decent tuneup. After allying with a much better pixel artist and a 8 bit musician, Greedy Dungeons is finally ready for a full publishing.

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Greedy Dungeons

Who needs swords and spells when you have cash? Run through the dungeon with your defenseless hero, and collect as much gold as you can possibly carry! How much loot can you get away with ?

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