One night, an hacker discovered something that would change his life forever:
The world is ruled by an alien race. These aliens are known as The Reptilians.
The Reptlians can change their shape and become identycal to humans, but thanks to this Hacker we still have a chance to survive.

The hacker cannot fight these monsters alone, he is just a computer guy after all…

So, he finally finds someone that can do the dirty job for him.

His name is Ned Skinner, he is an EX Navy seals dishonorably discharged by the army due to the Reptilian’s interference.

Now, pick up your tomahawk, load your gun and fight hordes of mutant aliens to save the world!


– 6 different levels with six different environments.
– 2 different endings
– 6 Bosses, one for each level.
– Dozens of monsters.
– Blood and explosions everywhere
– You can either shoot or kill your enemies with the tomahawk.
– 4 different languages: Chinese, Spanish, English, Italian



UP: Jump
LEFT & RIGHT: Move left and right
DOWN : Crouch / go down (if you are on a crate)
X: shoot
C: tomahawk
P: Pause game

Left Analog / left & right on D-pad: Move left and right.
Left analog down / down on D-pad: Crouch/ go down (if you are on a crate)
Button A: Jump
Right Trigger: Shoot
Right Button: Tomahawk
Start Button: Pause game

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Green Slaughter

The world is in the hands of the Reptilians. You are our last hope.

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