As a GridGuardian you’ll defend|secure|upgrayedd the local nodes of cyber-cities all over the globe, making the net safe and free for all users >> by coordinating your efforts with top keyboard cowbois and white hat wearing digininjas you can take the fight to crime orgs, governments and megacorps (what’s the diff) that take more than they deserve of our precious Grid – it belongs to all of us, time for us to let them know it.

-[Grid Tips]-

-If it’s your first time in the Grid check the contextual tutorial, it updates based on your surroundings and current state so it’s got whatever you need to know right when you need it.

-Cyber-combat can get braingerous (brain dangerous) so gridCrack has a failsafe to drop your connection before the ICE stabs a lobe.

-Megacorps tend to slice firewalls to open up secure sockets and drop malware to the city nodes, with your combat softs you can drop the security around the socket and close it, keeping the local nodes within the cyber-city safe.

-The best way to get around the grid is with a [net]cycle, built to parse structural elements and get you where you want to go FAST

-[ Early Access ]-

This VR|OS is under heavy dev with users in mind, send screens of your Early Access Score to the devs on the forums with your wishes, they just might come true if you got the points

-The spots in prototype mode will have a under construction gif to let you know what is still cookin

-[ Multiplayer System ]-

-gridCrack has a hybrid single-player / CO-OP system: hop into a city node and you’ll sync with players in that city, getting read access to their state

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Y'all wanna get in on some of this cyberspace? >>Slot your deck, put your trodes on & get to slingin hot bits @the nastiest deathcorp drones on the net w/ the GridGuardians >>Keep the net free for all users w/ this VR|OS packed w/ the latest in streetsofts, get to hackin them Gibsons already!

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