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Grimoire: Manastorm

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As ruin rises from the south, two great houses become locked in a bitter struggle for the Grimoire; a powerful artifact that ushered in the Dawn of Magic, brought destruction to an empire, and which now heralds civil war.

Grimoire: Manastorm is a free, multiplayer FPS in which powerful wizards battle for territory and prestige. Choose from six classes of magic, customize your spellbook with dozens of abilities, and prove yourself worthy of the Grimoire’s power in battles as cunning as they are fierce.

Intelligent Combat
With six classes of magic and thousands of possible spell loadouts, winning requires more than just fast reactions and good aim. A truly skilled wizard must understand the strengths and limitations of their own abilities, as well as how to counter and exploit those of their opponents.

Master Your Class
Grimoire: Manastorm features six classes – Fire, Lighting, Earth, Ice, Nature, and Nether – each with their own selections of spells from which to choose. From fast and devious to slow and powerful, Grimoire has the flexibility to suit your style of play.

Multiple Game Modes
Battle for supremacy in two multiplayer modes across 12 medieval-inspired settings, or go solo to protect the people of Orinfell.
– Conquest -Control territory and even bring the environment down on your enemies.
– Free-for-All – Chaos reigns supreme in this classic, all-out fight to the death.
– Survival – Hold off waves of increasingly powerful enemies in this single-player challenge.

Always Free-to-Play
Grimoire: Manastorm is always free-to-play with two rotating classes available to use at any given time. Classes and additional spells can be unlocked forever by purchasing them or spending Arcane Points accrued through gameplay.

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Grimoire: Manastorm

Grimoire is a Free-To-Play multiplayer wizard FPS where unique spells put a twist on classic shooter action. Scorch your enemies, teleport, or turn to stone with dozens of powerful spells at your fingertips! Unlock additional spells to customize each class and find the ultimate build.

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