Gritty Bit VR is a shooter game for virtual reality set inside a digital world where the player must utilize the unique tilt based locomotion system to move around.

Take control of the Gritty Bit, a bad ass antivirus tasked with the cleanup of the system. Venture into the 3D landscape of the insides of this mysterious computer and battle the deadly viruses that plague it. Using your VR equipment you will dodge bullets, dispatch of enemies and upgrade your virtual weapons, but don’t forget to watch your back!

Unbound by the law of physics that apply to mortals in the real world, traverse the terrain using a tilt-based locomotion system. Both intuitive and physical, this innovative system will allow you to seamlessly dodge bullets and move into strategic positions. Remember to keep on the move to stay alive.

Defeat your enemies by unloading your guns into them and remember to get fresh ones from your holster when you’re empty!

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Gritty Bit VR

Gritty Bit VR is a virtual reality shooter where the player assumes control of an anti-virus and is dropped into a mysterious computer infested with dangerous viruses. Using the unique locomotion system, the player will traverse the 3D landscape within the computer, dodge enemy projectiles and destroy the deadly viruses.

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