2D Arcade, Shooter, Platform.
its in single player mode. you move stage to stage bombing the enemies. theres no particular strategy except flying to drop bomb n the enemy. its a new way to play a flyby. the environment is platform like so you should be able to fly in a wider space. the design of the game is simple and not to complicated. the focus has been to give players a feel of the quirky shooter rather than a straight ahead all guns blazing. you have to be more accurate to to target your enemies just like real world. you can choose from different options to choose players from doobie to woody. its not entirely necessarily a tech oriented design but more on the comedy part.

Custom level play allows the single player Confront mode. you can choose the unlocked enemies to test your accuracy, as well as enjoying the custom play .

6 stages, 3-8 minutes of play.
Custom Player Choice
Custom Level Play

** Xbox launcher not supported.
**default resolution 1920×960.

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join Doobie and his bogus journey of Gump. the land is more bizarre and so is he.

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