Dreams are the environments experienced when we sleep. Dreams satisfy the greed of our subconscious. Dreams are also a testament of the ego. In dreams we can find shadows of the real world, a projection of reality. When the difference between dreams and reality becomes blurred, can the difference really be told? Dreams then become wild beasts, silently devouring the will of the Dreamer.

 Explore with Xi-sheng this limbo between reality and the imagination – this horrifying candy-coated world. Guide him as he seeks to save his family, his best playmate Mu-Sheng, and at the time, save himself.


A Bizarre World
 Using 3D environments powered by Unreal Engine 4, enter into a cartoonish world of nostalgic Taiwanese life from decades ago. Experience the transformation as freakish lights turn familiar settings into a new outlandish world.

Imaginative Puzzles
 Puzzles are intricately designed into the environment, requiring the player to use their imagination and logic. As the story progresses puzzles will challenge and surprise you as they reveal the path ahead.

See the World through the Journal
 Notes scattered around the world unveil details of how the world was formed. Learn of the story and backstory of the game through observation of these notes, and search for the boundary between reality and fantasy.

Unexpected Enemies
 No place is completely safe… enemies await unsuspected in places unknown to players. Instead of confrontation, use wits and items at hand to avoid enemy attacks.

Realistic Voiceovers
 Voiceovers include Taiwanese and Mandarin versions, allowing players to feel first-hand how it was to live in that nostalgic era, and experience being a child again.

About us

 All 4 members of our small team come from the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology. Made originally as a graduation project, we decided to make Halflight a full-fledged game after receiving 1st Place in an official Unreal Engine competition. This is our first game, and we hope to bring a slice of Taiwan culture to all the players. We hope you can find something familiar inside, whether it’s a small item that resounds with you, or a long-lost memory.

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 Halflight is a 3D adventure game with classic puzzles. Players follow in the steps of the young boy Xi-sheng as he strays into an extraordinary phantom world -- a world where Memories intertwine with Nightmares, Hope casts its lot with Destiny, and any semblance of self-identity will be tested.

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