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Halloween Pumpkin Story

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The main symbol of the holiday is the pumpkin Jack and has been used for many years as a lantern, but few know what the pumpkin itself is experiencing. It is believed that such a fruit, left on All Saints’ Day near the house, will drive away evil spirits from him. But it is this year that evil spirits endow the pumpkin with power and send a nightmare and horror into the otherworldly world, and what the pumpkin will have to face in this world and who will turn out to be a friend and who will be able to learn who you are in the game world!


  • Atmospheric graphics in the style of Halloween
  • Hardcore gameplay
  • Deadly traps
  • Many levels
  • A variety of puzzles
  • Support for the gamepad
  • Coins!

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Halloween Pumpkin Story

Onde ånder på All Saints Day giver græskarens magt og sender til mareridt verden et mareridt og rædsel, og hvad vil der ske med græskar, vil du være i stand til at finde dig selv i verdenens verden!

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