"Happiness Drops!" is a Falling Block Puzzle Game that you can taste exhilaration with simple operation.
Let’s connect three or more magic gems of the same color and erase the falling magic gems one after another!

Original story weaving together with five magical girls, special magic that brings about a great reversal, beautiful illustration seen with unlocking achievements, etc. Also packed with ingredients that further enhance the "Happiness Drops!".

Game modes

A mode for one person who selects and plays one person out of magical girls with various personality.
It’s a match against other magical girls that appear in Falling Block Puzzle Game!

A mode for one person who continues to fight against opponents continuously.
Let’s use the special magic of reversal caused by magical girls to become the best in the world!

A mode for two people who can feel free to battle locally with friends and family.
Since handicap setting is also possible, even if there is a difference in skill, you can enjoy a hot battle.

Magical Girls

Name:Haruhi Kamisaka (VA.Yui Sakakibara)

A girl like a perfect and talented school princess, but a real person is a very ordinary girl rich in emotion and expression.

Name:Anri Hiragi (VA.Mia Naruse)

Excellent grades, good appearance, but not moral. Haruhi’s eternal rival which is not perfect.

Name:Koyuki Takamine (VA.Yura Hinata)

One’s year ahead of Haruhi and Anri. A girl is acknowledged by people because of her grown-up beauty and unexpected meaningless speaks and behaves. Actually people fear her.

Name:Sumomo Kohinata (VA.Oto Agumi)

One’s year Junior of Haruhi and Anri. Stable and kind personality to anyone. But, the girl who is one’s own pace.

Name:Ibuki Shikimori (VA.Miru)

Sumomo’s classmate suffered from short stature that grows up in a tough family and repeats old-fashioned behavior, but doesn’t suit the behavior.

What’s "Happiness!"

Magical girls appearing in this game, It’s a character that appeared in the adventure game "Happiness!" Released in Japan in 2005.
"Happiness!" Received high praise in Japan, and in 2006 became Japanese TV anime.
Knowledge of "Happiness!" Isn’t necessary when playing this work. Anyone can feel free to enjoy.

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Happiness Drops!

"Happiness Drops!" is exhilarating Falling Block Puzzle Game that anyone can enjoy easily. Let's fight with five magical girls in a Falling Block Puzzle Game!

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