In this instant arcade classic, you play as Harambe, the famous silverback gorilla. Your goal is to survive as long as possible, running around the cage, dodging kids and collecting fruit. As the days progress, the number of kids increases making the game more difficult. Touch a kid and its instant death by the barrel of the zoo keeper’s rifle.

The kids will never jump, they fall into the cage and walk across platforms eventually making their way to the cave. Once they’ve hit the cave, they will exit, and a piece of fruit will drop.

You must keep Harambe alive by avoiding kids. Collect fruit, hamburgers, treasure chests and computers to get the high score!

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Harambe Kong

The arcade smash hit lands on Steam!

In this pixelated remake of the Cincinnatti Zoo tragedy, you play as Harambe, the silverback gorilla. You must navigate through your cage to avoid kids, collect fruit and find easter eggs. As the days pass, the number of kids increase, making the game more difficult, touch a kid and it's instant death for Harambe.

Survive as long as possible to see your name on the High Scores.

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