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Heart’s Medicine – Hospital Heat

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Fan Quotes

"Look, I didn’t expect to tear up at a game, so kudos to the creative team! This is my favorite game for a very long time"Meggie Fornazari

"I just finished the most rocking game ever!! I couldn’t get enough of the emotional rollercoaster. Please, Please, Please, do more of this in the future"Crystal J N Willix

"You all are trying to kill me… I’m bawling my eyes out during a GAME. This is touching my heart and feelings in ways I didn’t expect"Peggy Lynne McLynn

"So much sadness yet happiness in this game, it legit brought tears to my eyes it was so emotional."-Angel Miller

"I cannot believe how much this game is making me cryKiki Marich

Note: These are quotes from Heart’s Medicine – Time to Heal, but represent the Heart’s Medicine series as a whole. They will be replaced with quotes for Hospital Heat as soon as possible.

About the Game

"Heart’s Medicine – Hospital Heat" is the long-awaited sequel to "Heart’s Medicine – Time to Heal". An intense medical drama, combined with a casual game, this is an experience that’s sure to move you to tears. With a gripping storyline, original singer/songwriter music, highly detailed artwork and animation, cool moreish gameplay and an insane amount of heart, if you enjoy games that focus on telling a great story, this game is for you!

In "Heart’s Medicine – Hospital Heat" you can expect even more drama, romance, comedy and suspense. Once again you get to be part of the life of medical intern Allison Heart, as you follow her and a large cast of interesting doctors and patients through their shifts at Little Creek Hospital! This game picks up right after the previous compelling adventure. Things finally seem to have calmed down at the hospital…

But not for long!

When Allison receives a phone call from her mother, she doesn’t know what to think. She hasn’t seen her mom in over 20 years! Why would she contact Allison after all this time? And what could she want? Allison is left with no choice other than to face her past, in order to discover her future…
Will she have the strength to cope with everything that has happened and all that is yet to come? There’s only one way to find out…

Learn more about Allison’s past, experience the ups and downs of her love-life, enjoy awesome interactive cutscenes set to an amazing new soundtrack of singer/songwriter music, and get caught up in the fire of "Heart’s Medicine – Hospital Heat"

Key Features:

  • A remarkable, well-written story you won’t soon forget
  • Intensely interactive cinematic story-scenes
  • A great balance between comedy, drama and suspense
  • Original Singer/Songwriter music by Miranda Kalagian, Keeley Bumford and Adam Gubman
  • Fun and Addictive Gameplay
  • And an insane amount of heart!

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Heart’s Medicine – Hospital Heat

The long awaited sequel to "Heart's Medicine - Time to Heal". An intense, but also funny, medical drama that deals with a lot of life-changing decisions. Become an aspiring doctor at Little Creek Hospital!

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