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Heavily Armed

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Story –

In the year 2043, advancements in cybernetic augmentation and
human cloning have changed the world.
Awakening inside a prison, you have no memory of who you are or
how you got there.
Reborn as a cyborg, but haunted by memories of a human past.
In your search for answers, explore a decadent and corrupt city
ruled by a ruthless crime empire.
A lone mercenary, amass an arsenal of weaponry, take vengeance
on your adversaries and unravel the mystery of your past.
Ultimately uncovering a shocking revelation that will question your
own humanity.

Gameplay – Intense
Storyboard – Comic

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Heavily Armed

Heavily Armed is a 3rd person shooter with
unrelenting gun battles.
You play an amnesiac cyborg in the futuristic metropolis of
Grid City. The goal of the game is to discover your
identity and uncover the mystery of your hidden human past.

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