Millennium before this Kindom was founded,there once was a catastrophe
The Lord of Devil–Zypheria broke into this world from his Hades
Zypheria was so indefectible that even the strongest Knights can’t even make a wound on its body
The whole world was at the end of its time,Until the lengend Knight came out,his name was Hylious
Hylious finally found something that could harm,even to destroy Zypheria–the Spirit stone
Hylious eventually ended Zyhperia’s life with the help of the Spirit Stone
But overuse of the power in the Spirit stone led to Hylious’s own life too.
Hylious was rewarded a more famous name, the Death knights, for his brave heart and his delication to this Kindom
But today, decades of centuries passes, the Zypheria was rebirthed and coming back. Would you like to pick up your weapon and armor,to protect this world again?
In the name of The Knights


-Horizontal version shooting defense!
-There will be 5 heroes have different growth directions in the final version.
-Every hero has 9 skills and 3 talents.
-More stones, more skill combinations.
-Improve 5 properties by 5 little games!
-Every hero has unique attributes including attack, health, speed, dodge and crit.
-Spin and win big!
-Review demons and earn coins in the museum.

·About Us

THE ROCK is a tiny studio among all the growing Independent Game Producers

We name ourself THE ROCK to remind us stay focus,stay steady,and never say never.

We witnessed our games grow,from infant to child,and keep growing in every Player’s hand.

Your recognition may not seem important to you,but it means everything to us

Thanks for your support and we will be marching on,forever.

Sincerely by THE ROCK

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Hero Barrier

As a RPG type TD game,player will be playing as the DEAD Knight.
Defending the kindom,even the whole world from the catastrophe brought by the Devil Lord-Zypheria
Die with glory on the battlefield,or Survive to the end of the doom?It's all on you !

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