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Hero of the Galactic Core

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Hero of the Galacitic Core plays similar to Heroes of might and magic, but in real-time.
Controller: Fully Mouse controlled.

40 color coded in-game achievements (also linked to Steam achievements).
Achievement color coded formats:
Blue (easy): Red (medium): Yellow (Hard):

Game Features:
1. Main base that needs defending with turrets found throughout each map.
Turret Base:
2. Pickups: Experience orbs, stellar bombs, shields, materials, Fleet capacity
station, turret level ups and laser generators.

3. Special Pickups:
– 5 additional different turrets (which can then be built and deployed).
– 4 additional different fleet ships (will appear in the Fleet build menu).
– 3 additional different drones used for attacking enemy base.
4. Locate Drop points to call Dropships to initiate attacks on the enemy base.
Dropship interface:
5. Explore each Map to locate Turrets, Jump points, Artifacts, bonuses (RPG exploring).
6. Fleet engagements in real-time (RPG Fighting).
7. 18 different level up attributes .
8. Artifacts (3 different types; Fleet engagements, Main Base and Drone deployment). Only one artifact can be in an active state, the other two will adopt a low active state, switching states between the artifacts at the right time can change the outcome of the game.
Fleet Engagement Artifact.
Main Base Defensive Artifact.
Drone Attack Artifact:
9. A specific player Turret with its own set of artifacts and level up attributes.
10. Set Fleet formation for easy deployment and additional fleet engagement bonuses.
11. Enemy fleets (3 types that block map access points or guard pickup items).
12. Active enemy units: Enemy Hero (seeks drop points and calls dropships to initiate attack waves on your main base), Warp fleet (hidden until you get too close and tractors your fleet in, also builds its fleet during battle) and a Seeker Bomb (avoid).
13. Jump Stations (allows the player to jump between two map points, material must be paid at both Jump Stations to activate the jump link).
14. 7 Missions each with 7 unique maps to clear (must complete 5 maps with 3 stars to progress to the next mission).
15. Planet Stations (material resource station, must fight its fleet first).
16. Fleet stations (gives player a small number of fleet ships for each fleet type in the build menu).
17. Different RPG exploration backgrounds to choose from

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Hero of the Galactic Core

Explore the Galactic core with your hero in a real time "Heroes of might and magic" space style RPG game; find upgrades, artifacts, drones, turrets to build base defenses, fight enemy fleets and heroes in fleet combat until you locate the Jump Ship points to engage the enemy base with waves of drones.

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