Arzar is a world full of warriors, knights, magicians, cute girls with huge guns, and a Giant anthropomorphic shark man all vying to for power and glory. Command an epic Hero as they join in on the struggle between the Federation forces and the Order of Codex as they try to conquer all of Arzar.

  • Take command of one of the many Heroes of Arzar and compete in a unique TCG + Strategy hybrid gameplay
  • Collect an ever expanding roster of Heroes each with their own unique gameplay and skills!
  • Take to the fields of battle with another player in single One on One combat!
  • Unlock the expansive story of Arzar and earn rewards along the way!
  • Set up your own unique build path to strengthen you Hero!

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Heroes of Arzar

Heroes of Arzar is a fast paced hybrid TCG Strategy game. Control and conquer with an ever expanding roster of heroes all unique with their own skills and powers.

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