Take a role of a space pirate and delve into dark corridors of a mysterious futuristic temple.
Fight your way in search of the Hollow Throne and save the world!

Hollow Throne is a 2D rogue-lite action platformer focused on character planning and replayability.
Test different builds by choosing non-random upgrade sets for your character. Each run you can choose different upgrades and see how they work with each other and the character you picked.

  • A few semi-randomized locations with many paths to follow
  • 5+ diverse characters to unlock
  • Many upgrades to unlock
  • A pack of unique enemies and bosses
  • Permadeath
  • Non-random progression system (character planning and theorycrafting! yay!)

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Hollow Throne

The Galaxy is at it's peak,
The Hollow Throne looks horrid,
It's going to need heroic deeds,
To change the fate that's coming...

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