It is 2084. After a consumptive war there came a poverty and anarchy time. Most cities are devastated along with homeless beloved bridges. As a poor representative of this social group you are really sad. Hearing a legend about the last bridge on Earth you immediately decide to find it.
The task turned out to be more difficult then you thought it would be. Traveling through post apocalyptic Earth isn’t easy. What is more, there are other homeless people looking for the last bridge, trying to stop you. Can you achieve your goal?

* Defeat enemies with found trash cans, bottles and other primitive weapons.
* Collect supplies like preserves and candy bars to increase your chance of survival
* Take advantage of buildings’ roofs and balconies to avoid radioactive puddles.
* Collect coins to increase your score.
* Get to the end of level without losing all lives

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You are homeless person at post apocalyptic Earth. Use cans, bottles and other weapons to kill homeless people who are stopping you during your travel to the last bridge on Earth. But be careful, you are not the only one who can throw!

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