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12 Years ago, a rift opened up that created a doorway to our world, bringing forth monsters that we thought were mere stories and fairytales. Without warning they began killing anything in sight some even having the power to turn humans to slaves burned by fire. A mysterious group from this newly connected dimension granted 23 individuals power to help combat the enemy.No one knows why they were sympathetic towards humanity or why only 23 were granted power, but it help give humanity a chance until the 23 were overrun. Now, the people who survived either are in hiding or captured and sent to numerous islands around the world, and as for the 23, they are either dead, capture or missing.

Venture into the island fighting several enemies, and staying away from traps!. it is your job to find out what the enemy knows, where you friends are, and how you, and the rest of the 23 can once again try to save humanity.

  • Uniquely crafted story that will unravel as you play providing context for why the world is the way it is.
  • Simple first person shooter Mechanics with "supershots" to deal with enemies permanently.
  • Read and listen to audio logs and notes to get a feel for the atmosphere and plight of the humans on the island.
  • Explore an artificial cemetery that houses deadly traps, enemies hunting any and everything, and humans trying to survive, looking for hope.
  • A Single player focused experience, no microtransactions, no season pass, what you see is what you get.
  • Straight forward gunplay all the while fighting waves of enemies as you go deeper in the cemetery.

So it you didnt take the time to read the "why early access" log above here is the short version:

the plan is to:

  • stabilize and fix bugs where needed.
  • expand the cemetery to provide more content, enemies, traps etc.
  • More NPC’s, notes and audio recording to give context to the story and Lore that trying to be built in this game.
  • Voiced NPC’s if possible.
  • Better Gun system
  • Make Enemies more challenging.

There is more but this is subject to change based on time as This is done by a solo dev, and more importantly, the feedback from the userbase! sooo, the userbase!!!!

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Hope is in 23

Hope is in 23 is a supernatural First person shooter set on an island where humans are hunted and killed for sport. A rift opened from another dimension bringing forth monsters that almost wiped out humanity.Find your friends and keep the enemy from learning your secret.

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