This is a free to play survival game which support multiplayers up to 100 in game.
100 players will be air-droped to a bandoned island in each turn. Player need to find the gear and

weapon fastly in the surrounding buildings and fight with the other players.
You will get new supplies from the player when your kick off them. Hide yourself and not be killed by

other players,or you can build a consturction to protect yourself.
Get any changes to survive in the island. The last one survival in the island will win the game.

  • Background story:

The FTL(faster-than-light) long distance spacecraft is invented in 2100 B.C. The Organization of the
Human Destiny decides to build a team of super heroes and explore the life’s origin
in the space by FTL spacecraft. Elites around the world want to one of the team member. The Organiztion
hold a simulated survival contest and try to find out the best of the best.
The winner of the contest will be a member of the exploration team. Competitors including soldier,
ranger, doctor,secientist, everyone gives them best to pass the contest and join in the team.
They fight for the origin, fight for the destiny.No matter fail or success, they are worthy of our
respect. Will you come to join them now?

  • core play rule:

equipment collection:players can find the suppiles in buildings and air-droped box including

weapones,armors,and medical supplies.
Heroes and skills: There are different types of heroes in game for player to choose. Each hero has
distict specality including special weapones and skills.Match the heroes properly in your team will enhance
the competitive power in game.

building construction:player can build construction in game to protect yourself. Constructions can be
used as barrier also. Building construction bring more variations to player.

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Horizon Source

Horizon Source is a play survival game which support multiplayers up to 100 in game.
Heroes in game have a distinct speciality, and each hero has their own weapons and skills.
Playeres are free to choose hero by personal preference and try to survive in the battlefield with teammates.
Player can gather gears and build bunker to change landform after landed by parachute.

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