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Houston, We Have Spinach!

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Design and build rockets, and full them with food. Explore a galaxy filled with strange planets.

As a rocket designer and space explorer, your success will depend on exploiting nutrients in a variety of foods to power your space ship. Unlock new parts to build multistage rockets.

Gameplay: Design and build rockets in the hangar, using a variety of parts — boosters, fuel tanks, capsules, couplers and special modules — that snap together. Load fuel into your rocket using a grapple-equipped copter. The fuel for your rocket is food; each rocket booster type has different nutrient requirements so you must choose wisely! As you progress you’ll find obstacles you must overcome while fueling. Once the rocket is ready, choose a mission to earn bonuses and blast off. Escape into orbit to travel to strange new planets with new challenges!

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Houston, We Have Spinach!

Design and build rockets, fuel them with food and explore a galaxy filled with strange planets.

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