In Short: Hoverloop is a Multiplayer Arcade Arena Combat game.

Access an array of customizable drones with unique abilities. Use teleportation, deathrays, control jammers and super speed to carry your team, or yourself, to victory!

Fight against or work together with friends in splitscreen/online multiplayer. Alternatively, you can play together with AI-Bots, in a variety of game modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Endless AI-Waves (Invasion), Battle Royale, Zombie Tag, Capture the Flag (Assault), Air Hockey and more!

key Features:

  • Pick your favourite customizable drone from a vast variety, each with it’s own unique ability like teleportation or deathray.
  • Obliterate your opponents with the large weapon arsenal at your disposal. Blow them up, stun them or even turn off their gravity, making them drift off into oblivion!
  • 10 Different game modes to choose from. Ranging from Deathmatch and Capture the flag, to Endless AI-Wave battles and Air Hockey.
  • Add up to 4 splitscreen players or AI-Bots to the game. Online/Offline.
  • A wide array of maps to choose from. No matter if you like small, medium or large maps, we have them all, in various styles!
  • Customize your drone with different materials, colors, hats and trails.
  • Playable with all mainstream controllers, or with keyboard/mouse.
  • Contains a mixed list of exclusive EDM music to help you destroy your enemies in style. (Can be muted if you favour your own playlist or just pure silence!)

online Beta:

JOIN US ONLINE! To get the Online BETA right-click on Hoverloop in your library and choose preferences. Then go to the BETA tab and select the Hoverloop Online BETA.

The core idea of the game is to bring gamers back together in their couch, sharing a snack and shouting battle cries at eachother!
We have up to 4-player splitscreen working at the moment. If you’d rather play by yourself, we have implemented some AI-bots to play with.
Ofcourse, online multiplayer is included as well!

Each game mode can be played with a various mix of AI and human players. Even the garage where you customize your drone, can be operated in splitscreen mode.

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Hoverloop is a Multiplayer Arcade Arena Combat game.

Fight against or work together with friends in splitscreen/online multiplayer. If you would rather go solo, that's also possible, with AI-Bots in a variety of game modes.

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