Seven Sins – Academic Version

Seven Sins is a 4-6 player online multiplayer game, in which you and your teammates have to work together in order to survive - but beware! Everyone c...

Shards the Deckbuilder

Shards the Deckbuilder is a new breed of digital deckbuilding game that uses the popular Cerberus game engine. Combining deep strategy and fast paced ...

Empires:The Rise

《Empries:The Rise》 is the a Cross-Platform Real-Time-Strategy (R.T.S.) game. Choose your nation and conquer those, who stand in your way!

Galaxity Beta

Galaxity is a wonderful virtual world. In this game, you can create an avatar and customize it with a variety of costumes. You can also talk to people...

A Game About

A Game About is a free, short, lo-fi point & click adventure that tasks the player with living with their daily routine. Through day to day choice...

Backyard Brawl

Welcome to Backyard Brawl! A third person laser tag game.

Game Builder

Build and play games with your friends! Make a 3D platformer in 10 minutes, or spend hours jamming on the next indie hit. Game Builder is designed for...

Wizard Prison

Escape the Wizard Prison! A mashup of retro and modern that won't hold your hand.

Trip Troupe [Mixer Stream Host App]

It's TRIP TROUPE, a brand new game from the developers of Treadnauts! NOTE: This is the host app for streamers who want to host live games on Mixer.

Mixed Estate

Mixed Estate is designed to bring solution for you to be confident in purchase.

Angelus Brand VR Experience

Enjoy the Angelus Brand VR Experience with a few games and a show room. Look at Angelus products while playing basketball or running through a challen...


3Buttons is a short free-to-play platformer where you will only need three buttons to play! Choose between three different geometrical shapes; Sphere,...

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