Shot Online

Shot-Online is not just an online sports game either, but it is a highly accurate simulation and a deep role-playing experience.

Artist Idle

Draw pictures, sell them and become a famous artist.

Collective: the Community Created Card Game

Gather weapons and warriors from the community's imagination in the first strategy card game designed by its players. Create any card you can imagine,...

Record of Lodoss War Online

Lodoss War Online is a new 2D MMORPG, based on Record of Lodoss War—a legendary fantasy novel in Japan, set in the cursed land of Lodoss, which recoun...

Kitty Catsanova

Kitty Catsanova is the premier Idle Cat Dating Sim! Collect adorable kitties and win their hearts by taking them out on lavish dates, crafting exquisi...


You wake up in a house, not knowing who or where you are or how you got there. First thing is to try and figure out how to get out. And while doing so...

Gods and Kings

A game that combines real-time strategy, card collection and role-playing. It's based on Greek mythology, there are many story-lines, and together the...

Zombie Battleground TCG (BETA)

An adrenaline-pumping, loot-filled trading card game that runs 100% on the blockchain. That means you truly own your cards forever, and you can trade ...


Enter the world of Ilhumia populated by pretty creatures. Build your deck and fight other players alone or with a friend in this colorful multiplayer ...

War Online: Pacific

War Online Pacific is the first in a series of fast action WWII combat simulations.

Scarlet Fantasy

Scarlet Fantasy is a turn-based RPG game. You can explore Alcarod and collect different heroes in this game.

Moe! Ninja Girls

You transfer to a school and start a new school life...all the while hiding you're a genius ninja.

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