Furious Angels

Furious Angels is a sci-fi arcade shooter set in the skies with different waves each day, flying tanks and daily leaderboards. The whole enemy fleet i...

Rogue’n Roll

Rogue'n Roll is a fast paced roguelike top-down shooter. Kill nasty monsters, get rewarded !


Smackitball is a VR racket sport.

Oodlescape – The Apocalypse

Oodlescape - The Apocalypse is a unique Adventure-Escape experience for the HTC Vive which embraces being a videogame in a cube-filled world of wackin...


One fish, four lemurs. Online arcade battles between lemurs on dinghies. Grab your paddles, hop in a boat, and beat up anyone who tries to snatch you...

Weapon Shop Fantasy

Shop game with RPG?RPG with a shop? Collect material,craft weapon,train your staff and defeat enemy! This is Weapon Shop Fantasy!

VR Audio Visualizer

You are welcome to enjoy an incredible world of sonic virtual reality. Look at visualization of your favorite songs and melodies with 6 impressive vis...

Light And Dance VR – Worlds first Virtual Reality Disco

Play your music, start the game, jump and dance!It's the first virtual reality Disco, offers you a lot of music reactive environments, lights, fog and...

Just VR Slingshot Target Practice

Spend some time shooting targets with a slingshot. This game is, after all, Just VR Slingshot Target Practice.

The Shadows of Pygmalion

For as long as anyone knows, beings called “Puppets” have operated in service of a force unknown, quietly manipulating the course of history. One d...


You awake on an unknown planet with amnesia. What are those horrific monsters? Who are these mysterious priestesses? Inspired by cult classics su...

Shining Plume 2

Explore a new, larger world, full of secrets and hidden locations in this direct sequel to Shining Plume featuring 3 different endings!

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