Plandzz 2

Plandzz 2 is a continuation of part one. You need to solve both simple and challenging puzzles. Gather all the parts to make a whole block.

The Under

In a place unknown to the living, a young boy must navigate The Under so he may return to the world above.

Epic Snails

Create a snail and join the battle. Take control of the backyard with Epic Snails! Climb walls, hang upside down and move anywhere. Team up with your ...

Reach Me

Reach Me is a colorful physical puzzle in a minimalist style.The goal of this game is to move the blocks onto the platform using special ammunition, a...


PlayUSA is an online turn-based strategy game in which the goal is to buy as many cities as you can with your starting balance of $100 billion, buildi...


Deathlands is a multiplayer turn-based survival game where you fight other players to remain the last man standing. If you only play one turn-based ga...

Air Combat

Air Combat is an arcade-style flight combat game. In the game you can pilot various planes play against other players on various maps.


You were cut from your mother's body and left to die in the unforgiving waters of the Gulf Coast. Your only tools are your wits, your jaws, and an unc...

Harvest Simulator VR

Forget about those farming experiences on social media. Cultivating, plowing, planting, harvesting crops, buying seeds and tending to animals includin...

Titanic VR

Diving to the bottom of the North Atlantic, you take on the role of Dr. Ethan Lynch, Associate Professor of Maritime Archaeology. With funding from a ...

Jam Session VR

Enter a musical world! Jam Session VR let's you create huge musical monstrosities with your Oculus Touch or Steam VR controllers!

Space Panic Defense

A futuristic tower defense game with action and strategy!

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