Blackfoot Burrows

Sidescrolling. Base building. Tower defense-ing. Rabbit breeding. That kind of stuff.


Take a quiz to test your knowledge about your most favorite games - and learn more interesting quotes from the best games out there on the way. With a...

Sudoku Killer / 杀手数独

Killer Sudoku (Sumdoku/Mathdoku/Addoku) puzzles include all the rules of regular Sudoku, but add in dashed-line 'cages', which must sum to given value...

Supply Chain Idle

Build, link and upgrade factories to produce and sell products.

Mahjong Secrets

Plunge into an exciting world of Royal mystery and intrigue in this new Mahjong thriller! Over 100 Different Mahjong layouts for players of all skill ...

Gnomes Garden: Halloween

Gnomes Garden: Halloween — get ready for mysterious adventures! Help the princess lift the curse and find her missing uncle!

Sakura Day 2 Mahjong

Mysterious Asia awaits you! Over 8 hours of the game and 120 Mahjong levels to suit any taste.

The Legend of Evil

Destroy all of humanity in a hyper-tactical tower-offense game that takes no prisoners (especially if they are humans).

Megavaders 5000

"Megavaders 5000" is an indie game that remembers the old games of killing aliens driving your ship. With a retro style and simple gameplay.


Stationary is a game with all the classic elements of the rpg games, with an ambience and history based on a science fiction environment in a space st...

Slimes RPG

"Slimes RPG" is a perfect game for fans of rpg games, with all the elements characteristic of these games. A great adventure awaits you in t...

Three Treason Theories RPG

If you want to play an RPG with a special story and have a good time facing the challenges and battles that it offers, do not hesitate to play this ga...

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