Fantasy Farming: Orange Season

Orange Season is a farm-life simulator, with a high focus on exploration and different gameplay mechanics.

Drone Fighters

Arcade style drone fights in VR! Customize your fighter, arm your battle hungry drones with awesome weapons and dominate your opponents in epic cage f...

Baskhead Training

BASKHEAD TRAINING: become the world’s BEST BASKET HOOP!Baskhead Training allows you to play basketball like never before: this time you’re not the pla...

orbt xl

Defy Gravity! orbt XL is an intense, addictive and fun 'just-one-more-round' score chaser. Perfect for playing while waiting in queue for another game...


A single screen isometric puzzle game with over 100 levels.

Haunted Legends: The Bronze Horseman Collector’s Edition

After a devastating flood, a small town is being plagued by problems and now it’s up to you to fix them all!

Mini Ghost

"Mini Ghost" is a mini metroidvania in the 80's MSX art style and gameplay. It's the mini prequel of Ghost 1.0.


TankBlitz is a brutal run and gun tank game with four playable tanks, each having access to four unique weapons and dozens of upgrades. You blast your...

Craft Keep VR

Set within a fantasy world of dragons, dungeons and foul-mouthed customers, you are an alchemist-blacksmith forging weapons and brewing potions.


Be the Universe in this beautiful interactive nature simulation.

Train Harder

Made to fully exploit the HTC Vive Roomscale, Train Harder is a challenging game where the player agility, endurance and accuracy will be put to the t...

Just Ignore Them

One night can feel like a lifetime of pain, suffering and horror to a you have what it takes to survive the night? Play as an 8 year old...

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