Exodus: Proxima Centauri

Adapted from the original board game, Exodus: Proxima Centauri pits you against up to 5 opponents where you'll fulfill the role of explorer, colonizer...

東周列萌志 Philosophic Love


東方幕華祭 TouHou Makuka Sai ~ Fantastic Danmaku Festival

Fantastic Danmaku Festival is a Touhou Project fanfiction STG with colourful danmaku, beautiful remix music and original music. Besides the characters...

Princess Lili – 丽丽公主


Super GMA

Super GMA is a traditional 2D fighting game where you can increase your health energy the more you fight. Every attack, technique, or even strategy th...

Don’t Kill Her

An oddly cute indie game featuring a seemingly dead woman, and you, playing her murderer.

FALL 坠落之后


Homo Flimsy

Homo Flimsy are an offshoot of the human species, renowned for their astounding ability to flex. In Homo Flimsy, you posses the control of 3 generatio...

Dissimilated Land



TripTrip is an autoscrolling, color-matching action game. You must reach the end of each level by matching the color of The Ball to the floor below. A...


Play Domino game in DomiCard. You can create as many dominos as you want in this game before your computer gets burned. Also, "Cubes" can b...


Anime Studio “Sanzigen” comes out with their own retro game! “ID-0” has become a side scrolling shooting game on Steam! Operate the I-Machine of ID0...

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