Alexa’s Wild Night

A visual novel following Alexa as she goes out on the town, with choices that may alter the course of her night and her future.

Loot Box Quest

The spiritual successor to DLC Quest! Earn that sense of pride and accomplishment in the way that only repetitive clicking can deliver. It's a cli...

Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Bane of the Family Collector’s Edition

Return to the De la Fer estate to help the count unravel the curse that has been passed down through his family!

Square Massacre

Square Massacre is a skill based, hardcore top-down shooter. No matter what you are going to do, you will lose. The question is how long you will last...

I want cookies

Very simple clicker game based on gatting cookies. If you want a simple and cheap clicker game this si your game.

MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures

Transform your fate! Morph between fallen heroes and fight for your life in this tactical dungeon crawler. Chain together elemental powers or lure ene...

Violet Cycle

Hyperkinetic neopoly roguecade action game with procedural generation at its core. Order within chaos. Feeling inside polygons!


Set in a beautiful world and designed solely for VR, Derora is a captivating puzzle game and competitive climbing experience. Throw, grab and hop your...

Audio Drive Neon

Experience your favorite music by cruising along or speeding through the mesmerizing neon roads! Play any song that you like!


1010 - is an addictive puzzle game with a original storyline


Dots - is an exciting and amazing puzzle game, in which you need to consistently connect points, creating a variety of figures.

The Ultimate Heist

Ever wanted to go on an adventure where you get to infiltrate some of the most High Security Vaults across the world? We have you covered, use the gad...

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