Brazilian Adventure

Fly down to Rio and enter an adventure that’ll take you to the historic town of Tiradentes. Encounter a cast of colorful characters – a pair of lover...


The "gate of ice" is an adventurous shooting class VR game, suitable for HTC's VR platform. The game is shooting and exploring with the firs...

Redemption: Tyranny of Daetorem

A long time ago, humans and monsters lived in unison. However, the ever-growing population of humanity almost led to the extinction of many races. Thi...

Hyperbolic Ignition

Hyperbolic Ignition is a 2D multidirectional bullet hell-like shooter about a wandering pilot trying to return home. By utilizing wormholes, enter and...


Dinoku is a logic game where you must help the Dinos to eat all the leaves on the way. There are different kinds of plants with special ability, makin...


Simulation game of virtual spacecraft. VR(Vive) version and non VR version are included.

Play cubes with Uncle Billy

Experience the different of cube game


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Bomb Bay

Bomb Bay is a new single player game that takes the player into many different and unique settings with the task of arming explosive devices on enemy ...

Adventure Game

A VR game: solve puzzles, explore dungeons, and fight monster to uncover the mystery of a strange world.

The Little Slime

The Little Slime is a shooter action platformer with roguelike elements. Enjoy the adventure of a slime with 4 Stage, Random Map, 100 Item, 5 Characte...

Lost In Space

The year of 2145. There is no resources left on the Earth. Humanity is in the quest of searching for the new place for living..

Teeny Heist

Can you shoplift until you drop? In this shoplifting simulator you can steal everything from groceries to pets from a crazy pet store while avoiding t...

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