This casual game is intended to be simple to play and easy to understand. It’s supposed to have the look and feel of a 90s hand-held game console on your PC. This game is a game where you pick an egg, hatch it, raise the creature to maturity to access the Fauna Files: a detailed description of the creature you have unlocked. It was developed by one person with the help of other parties in graphics and sound using Game Maker Studios 2.


  • Hatch eggs; raise creatures to maturity by feeding, playing and disciplining them
  • Select up to 8 different UI colors
  • 5 different elements with 3 eggs for each element
  • 5 unlockable eggs
  • 15 achievements and “Fauna Files”

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This game is intended to be simple and easy to play to pass time. Inspired by 90s hand-held consoles. In this game you select an egg to hatch and take care of one of the many creatures. If you keep your creature alive long enough it will eventually mature.

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