What would you do on a night such as this?
Would you cook dinner? Watch a little TV? Play a few video games?

What if you were Eddy Denado? What if you were having a peaceful, quiet night, and all of a sudden it all changed? What if the trail of broken glass and muddy footprints led you to an uncomfortable realization? What if you weren’t alone?

Someone has turned your Humble Abode into anything but. Now it’s time to survive.


– Puzzle solving requires you to rely on the brute force of your brain.

– More than one ending, encouraging different approaches to your playthrough.

– Your own home becomes a dread-filled nightmare!

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Humble Abode

In this atmospheric adventure your own home becomes the playground of a sadistic intruder. Can you find a way to avoid being a prisoner in your house, or will you even live long enough to try?

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