Disclaimer: This game was created in only 48 hours during the Global Game Jam 2017 in Leeuwarden. You can download and play for free.

Enter the worm hole of time-space frequency and try to catch up with yourself. Fly in sync with your own trail to accelerate yourself to the speed of light and travel back in time by hitting your past self.


After the Black Hadron Collider experiment failed miserably and turned the whole world into dangerous mutants, Doctor Professor Mobius is the only one unaffected by the time disruptions the BHC caused. The only way to fix this is to take the B.I.R.D. into the BHC and travel back in time to stop himself from conducting the experiment in the first place.


Programming: Sybren Kruizinga (Critical Bit), Rando Wiltschek (Extra Nice)
Game Design & Testing: Friso Roolvink (Grendel Games)
Art: Mitchel Bonnema (Critical Bit)
Music & Sounds: Menger & Meester

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Hyper Time Disruptor

High speed arcade racer through spacetime!

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