Beth has just finished her high school when this story happened. Beth’s and Avery’s parents went to Hawaii for a couple of weeks, leaving the two of them completely alone in the house. Avery notices his little sister has grown up and Beth finally has a chance to materialize her wishes towards the brother. Longterm desires finally start to turn into a reality.. Will the brother and sister be able to overcome all the difficulties on the way to their love?

This wonderful romantic story tells us about all secret feelings between the siblings. I Love My Brother is a short romantic visual novel told from an unordinary source: Beth’s personal diary.


  • unusual narrative format
  • atmospheric and colorful scenery
  • intriguing small-sized story
  • nice background music

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I Love My Brother

That is what happens from time to time: people fall in love with another people. That is what happened to Beth... And now she dreams. She desires. She plans.

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