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Icarus Starship Command Simulator

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In the future, a large star is about to go supernova and destroy all life – unless someone can find a way to stop it. But in order to get to the star, they will have to traverse a large region of space full of hostile aliens and dangerous phenomenon.

Intense Strategic Gameplay – Command your ship and crew in real time to survive alien attacks and dangerous phenomenon. Manage power, sacrifice crew, board enemy ships – all and much more will be required in order to survive.

First Person Perspective – Unlike many other games in the genre – this one is about commanding a ship from a first person perspective. You can be killed by a hostile boarding party or if the ship you are aboard is destroyed.

Smart Enemies – Each hostile ship you face is controlled by another captain and crew just like your own. They will struggle to defeat you.

Randomized galaxy – Each play-through will feature different enemy ships, events and tough decisions. You will have to be adaptable and think on your feet to survive.

Many Different Ships – There are over 50 different ships and spacestations from 9 different species. Each can be boarded and explored.

Text Based Choices – There are over a hundred different text based encounters that will affect your crew, ship and resources.

Upgradeable Ships – You have limited resources and you will have to decide what are the most important parts of your vessel to upgrade or repair.

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Icarus Starship Command Simulator

In this "starship command simulator" you will fight your way to the center of a randomly generated galaxy where a massive star is about to go supernova and destroy all life. Can you find a way to stop it?

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