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Illville: Return instructions

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A gloomy 3D adventure miniseries, the main objective of which is to escape from a provincial town where life depends on a secret organisation. All the main character’s attempts to get out of this horrifyng place as quickly as humanly possible, only lead him away from his desired road to home.
The enemy may possible be the most insignificant character and your friends will be afraid to show their faces. But remember that even during the hardest moments you are not alone. There is always someone keeping their eye on you. But who do these eyes belong to? A friend or foe?
Not only your freedom depends on your actions but the freedom of the whole town too.


There’s no mode of transport which will allow you to enter the city except rail. It looks like there were signs of life just before your arrival but don’t be deceived by this illusion. Its streets are so narrow and the inhabitants are so unfriendly that a sense of peril will not desert you throughout the whole game.

Key features:

  • A complex plot which requires communication with the characters to fully understand.
  • Gameplay is in the spirit of classic adventure games with puzzles and thoughtful dialogues.
  • Every action you take affects the characters both directly and inderectly.
  • Items from the inventory are automatically used
  • The game is not a horror, nor does it contain jump scares but it dies have an eerie and mystical atmosphere.

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Illville: Return instructions

By chance, you find yourself in a remote English village where the sun hasn't risen for decades. To find the way home, you have to follow the beam of the lighthouse. Be careful, anyone you meet on this path could be your enemy.

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