We can use a variety of weapons to protect our territory. You can use the laser / missile / electric shock / flames to attack the enemy, you can also upgrade each tower. The enemy will continue influx, you need to control every place Tower of attack. Placing different attack towers in different places will have different effects. Come, in order to protect the home and work.

There are a total of 20 maps in the game. Each map, you can create 12 kinds of defense tower (Gun Tower/Slower Tower/Fire Tower/Missile Tower/Electric Tower/Laser Tower/Ice Tower/Lightning Tower…). Each tower can be upgraded for each layer 5, each upgrade will increase their attack power and attack range. You can also sell the tower that you don’t need. Attack tower placed position will directly affect the defense effect, so we must be careful. In addition, there are 20 kinds of enemies and bosses in the game. They are divided into ordinary / fast / more blood.

– Fluorescent effect of the tower defense game
– 20 unique maps
– 2 stages on each map
– 12 different tower designs
– Upgrade towers to 5 levels (attack range, attack power, attack speed)
– Variable game speed
– 20 types of enemies and big bosses

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IMM Defense

This is a classic tower defense game. The alien ship is ready to invade this lovely planet. We need to use various weapons to prevent them from reaching the destination.

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