You are a soldier of the Imperi…a Sergeant and you have been ordered to start a settlement in uncharted territory. You are given 10 troops in your army, 25 civilians, 100 gold for the treasury, 100 grain for food, and 5 square miles of terrain.

Your goal is to grow this into a province. Each step along the way, you gain rank from the Imperi. If you grow this into a Province, the Imperi will make you King of the Province.

F E A T U R E S :
– Simple to use and intuitive point-and-click interface
– Challenging, but balanced, management simulation experience
– Smart AI helps balance grain shortages to minimize calamity during famine
– Adjusts outcomes realistically based off of both probability and yearly season
– 20 Achievements
– Extremely Affordable Price
– Text-based Strategy Simulation
– Turn-based rounds (3 turns per season)

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Use your wits and political skills to turn a tiny settlement into a Province that you become King over. Reflexes and cheat codes wont help here...just raw management skills and attention to detail.

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