The 1970’s and 80’s were a golden time for video games. Impossiball pays homage to one of the original greats of that era, but with a 21st century update.

The aim is to score as many points as you can by getting balls past your opponent, whilst stopping as many as possible from getting past you. By rotating your ship you have fine control over the direction balls will bounce. The first player to reach the score limit wins. There is a variety of Power-Ups and ‘game changers’ like Magnet, Invisiball, Inversion, Shield and Impossiball to make your game easier, or your opponent’s game harder.

Time-tested, classic game-play upgraded with 500 balls on screen and 3D graphics. You can try to beat the AI (with three difficulty levels) or challenge a friend.

We have drawn inspiration from Pong (of course) as well as Geometry Wars, Speedball, Break Out and Arkanoid among others.

In the latest version of the game there are 3 game-modes to choose from:

  • IMPOSSIBALL 500 ball mayhem with power-ups!
  • DODGEBALL Avoid the balls as they grow bigger and faster!
  • LONEBALL One, lone, ball – just like Pong!

The game can be played in DOUBLES mode – allowing up to 4 players to play simultaneously. One player can use the mouse and the others can use controllers or keyboard.

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Imagine Pong on steroids!!! Instead of one ball, there are 500! You can rotate your bat giving you fine control over which way every ball bounces. There are different power-ups to collect including: Invisiball, Inversion and of course IMPOSSIBALL. You can play against the AI or against a friend.

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