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Impossible Jumpy Quest

Steam Video Games Windows

In this game you play a blue character and solve level based logic puzzles.
By jumping and running around from one block to another, over
moving platforms, rotating obstacles and various other logic puzzles.
By reaching the red end block in the level, you will be transported to
the next level.
Fun for all ages and skill levels.
A game to casually immerse yourself instantly.
Enables a change in your train of thought, when you need a time out.

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Impossible Jumpy Quest

Immerse yourself in the colorful and simplistic world of "Impossible Jumpy Quest".
In this Single-Player experience you will Jump'n Run through increasingly more challanging levels.
Find your own way through each of it's unique logic based levels. A new adventure is waiting for you.
It is a fun platformer with a old-school feeling to it.

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