In Darkness is a single player game mode, in third person perspective, with an unique but balanced level difficulty. Fights are based on real-time combat with hand-to-hand weapons. Enemies are varied and possess own abilities. The levels are mainly dungeons with intricate hallways; other than that, the game contains puzzles that can be solved through a secret code, in order to be able to unlock further maps.

The game develops in four chapters, inspired by mythological and epic legendary stories.

Take the role of a prisoner who has lost part of his humanity as a consequence of being condemned to spend a lifetime in prison and in slavery. A strange earthquake brought down some weak walls of the prison, allowing a great opportunity to escape, but be careful with hidden traps around. Try to find a way to access the enemy’s armament and get ready to fight. Decipher a secret code and discover patterns to progress along the complex dungeons.

No need to spend hours leveling up to become a true master of the swords, defend and attack at the right timing; forget about maps systems and also become a true maze runner. Discover what lies beyond; challenge the powerful bosses who rule that kingdom; find out the truth why you were taken as prisoner, and recall your truth self.

Key Features

  • Tactical and real-time combat with hand-to-hand weapons.
  • Solve puzzle through a not conventional language.
  • Navigate through complex labyrinths without map systems.
  • Try different sets of armors and weapons.
  • Avoid deadly traps.
  • Find useful items.

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In Darkness

In Darkness will test your ability to decipher secret codes and to discover patterns that are essential to progress along the complex dungeons.

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