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In the name of sin

Steam Video Games Windows

This is a survival game which is full of suspense, decryption and love elements.

You are the main character He Chuyan. You are selected to be a player of the ‘Arbitration Game’ because of an‘indirect murder’ one year ago.

‘Arbitration game’ is a game in the name of the trial of sin.
There are 12 players who committed different crimes were selected into this game. The one who is still alive at last can be eventually acquitted.

Therefore, you need to participate in five games to earn the living chance, such as:
Act as a police in the killing game, find out killers and lead Good Man team to win; explore and solve the puzzles in different chambers, etc.

In addition, you will encounter a high IQ hacker in the game.
He always takes care of you. However, there is a secret hiding behind his gentle smile…

Can you stick to the end in the dilemma of malice and fraud?
Can you get the real salvation after experiencing life and death tests and witnessing the fickleness of human nature?

This game contains many endings. Your options and the impression of other roles will impact your ending. Also, it contains many original beautiful CG. They are all waiting for you to collect!

This is a challenge in the name of sin. Are you ready?

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In the name of sin

This is a judgment which In the name of sin: you will carry the crime of indirect murder, and involved in killing game which full of spite and fraud. Five rounds game of chance which in relation to life and death, 12 sinners, they will fight for the redemption!
Everyone of us is guilty, who will be forgiven? And who will be saved?

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