In the game Inca Blocks you will have to deal with multi-colored blocks and crazy bonuses to achieve your goal!


  • "Explosive" bonuses!
  • Colorful bricks!
  • An adventure you won’t forget!
  • A rating table – aim for the first place!
  • A large number of Steam Achievements!
  • Compatibility with multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)!

Adjust the hat on your head and prepare your trusty revolver, pickaxe and flashlight – and other things that will come in handy during the upcoming adventure full of countless secrets related to the ancient Aztecs. Make your way through the thorny jungle towards dazzling treasures, unprecedented secrets and the top of the rating table! Your goal is to avoid multi-colored blocks filling your entire screen while matching similar ones with each other with the help of bonuses that can stop time, explode blocks of the same color and way more!

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Inca Blocks

This is a game in the genre of "three in a row", where you have to match 3 or more of the same kind of blocks - the title speaks for itself. You are required to match identical blocks without overflowing the already crammed field. Show your friends who the true intellectual adventurer is - become a legend at the ranking table!

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