Create great companies and avoid destruction as much as you can – And most important, make money!

In this world anything can happen, and you are trying your very best to make things better! However some are always making things difficult and we’re not even going to get started about the aliens and the dinosaurs that always are in the way..

If you like adventure, simplicity, humor and all sorts of other things – Then you are going to like this game!

The game currently has one mode:


In this mode everything is simple and you just can’t get enough of people who wants to be hired, kicked or whatever. The most important thing about this mode is that your are safe – or at least safer than what you usually are. A calm city with birds and everybody are doing what they are supposed to, like they should.

But our plan is to implement an "epic mega mode" based on your suggestions and ideas. We really believe that we can make this mode amazing. This is one of the major reasons why this game is in an early access stage. We really want this mode to be really fun to play.


In this mode everything changes, from calm winds to super storms. Aliens are watching you, and the dinosaurs, well they usually do what they do best…

Everything is also more difficult in this mode, you always have to look after your employees – Or else bad things will happen…

Prepare to be amazed!

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