Be transported to another world, meet endangered species and skim stones on water just like when you were a kid. This is INFINITI IQ, which is pushing the envelope of visual fidelity and player immersion in VR.

IQ transports you to the magical land of New Zealand where you can explore photorealistic environments created using the latest photogrammetry techniques. As you progress through each scene, take a moment to skim stones on the lake, play with the endangered Kakapo or pat the wily mountain goat. But be careful, don’t stand too near the edge of the cliff!

This is a room scale VR experience where you are empowered to explore each environment, seek out the user activated animations and find your way to the top of the mountain where you’ll find the ultimate surprise. Remember to open the doors and look inside when you get there.

We’d love to hear what you like about this experience and what you’d like to see in future versions.

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Immersive VR experience for HTC Vive featuring world leading visuals and interactions. Check it out for free now.

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