Welcome to Inflatality – a derpy couch-multiplayer physics fighter featuring adorable inflatable wavers beating the crap out of each other!

Find some friends, grab two controllers and get ready to fumble – the battle for ultimate inflatable supremacy is about to begin. Choose your waver’s unique look, name and special attack, then prepare to fight across a range of hilarious battlegrounds with ludicrous waver weaponry and nothing but the wind and total elastic rage.


  • Dynamic fumblecore physics

    Use deceptively simple twin stick controls to master the wind and your own momentum to flail your way to victory!

  • Endlessly customisable wavers

    Choose from a variety of facial features and colours to create your ultimate flailing killing machine

  • Devastating weaponry

    Will you dominate with the Doom Hammer? The spinning terror of the Blade Bonnet? Call in a Hairstrike or unleash your Shockblock?

  • Five ridiculous battlegrounds

    Do battle among the vehicles of Whiplash Motors, the crazed action of Demolition Derpy, The medieval ambiance of Hardly Faire murder on the dance floor at The Boum Boum Room and even attend a derpy wedding with Shazza’s Special Day – all battlegrounds feature their own unique style and soundtrack!

  • Fight for Loot!

    The more you fight, the more XP you rack up for sweet, sweet loot! Unlock new special weapons, new waver customisations and even new battlegrounds to engage in brutal, derpy combat with friends.

    ** PLEASE NOTE ** Inflatality is local multiplayer only and requires two Xbox controllers.

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The definitive derpy physics based fighter featuring adorable inflatable wavers beating the crap out of each other!

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