Welcome to the GPOSS offices. Your job here is simple: arrange the various existent documents considering the information required by the Reader machines, all along the lines of the rules previously established.
Since the ways used to communicate this information results inefficient for the total understanding of the situation, we have prepared a short ilustrative video, which purpose is to serve as a guide for you to fully comprehend your duty in these offices. This video will be reproduced on a small screen in the office’s first room.
Good luck.
– G

Insert Paper is a game that will test your burocratic and organization skills. It’s a matter of strategy and rigorous organization. It’s important to know what to do and why, before you do it.

You don’t know exactly who you are or where you are, but soon enough you will start discovering that your objective will offer you more answers to the unknown.

  • 90s atmosphere: The music and ambience were thought specifically to resemble the 90s.
  • Documents and secrets: You won’t only carry documents, there are also many other objects, such as coins, which can be used on the machines.
  • Infinite and generated rooms: Each room is different from the others, generated by procedures and with random stuff. Exploring is key to progress. There are from stairs to radio stations.
  • Easy gameplay: The machines usually work in the same way; insert paper and press red button. It’s easy to understand how to progress, without having to read a manual each time.
  • Various machines and elements: From a radio to a shredder to a printer or detector, any electronic gadged can help you to satisfy your needs.

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Insert Paper

You don't know who or where you are. The papers are there and the computers are asking you to insert paper. Your job here is simple: arrange the documents considering the information required by the reader machines.

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