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Invaders! From Outer Space

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They come in peace, right? That is the question you have to answer in this mad action game together with humorless General Jonah and crazy scientist Dr. Dent. Find out what really happened in 1958. With an upwards-fired tank on the ground, you heat up the floating, bad-tempered extraterrestrial invader row by row before they reach the ground to avoid an apocalypse. Level by level, the aliens hit back with ever heavier guns. So watch out – enemy hits cost you valuable lives! Improve your tank and get enough cover. Your highscore will be recorded in a highscore list for comparison.

Experience a crazy alien invasion in the style of a black and white retro movie. Are the invaders really evil just because they want to take the blue planet? Is this game truly a replay of the historically documented attack of the invaders in 1958? And: Is the highscore really satisfying?

Find the answers to these and other mysterious questions in: Invaders! From Outer Space.


  • Experience retro action unlike ever before!
  • Defend Earth in over 20 exciting levels against the invaders!
  • Combat special UFO weapons: death ray, time-slowing fields, self-healing powers
  • Improve your tank prove your shooting accuracy
  • Experience simple, addictive gameplay
  • Epic story that doesn’t take itself seriously in any way
  • Play a Space Invaders game of a special kind
  • Special graphics in the style oft he B-movies oft he 50s

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Invaders! From Outer Space

What really happened in 1958? Experience a crazy alien invasion in extraordinary retro action! Can you save the earth from the apocalypse or do the aliens come in peace?

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