INWAY is an uneasy platformer, the main idea of ​​it is the invisibility of all objects on a level, the view on them opens only when they are painted with splashes emanating from the main character!

In INWAY you have to go through 50 different tasks, each of them presents a special difficulty! All tasks are divided into three types:

  • Pass a unique level, overcoming all obstacles in the form of spikes, enemies and lasers
  • Stand one of the unique tasks, dodging all sorts of lasers, shells and avoiding a collision with spikes
  • Win the bosses, each of them has its own unique techniques and appearance, and to defeat him you will have to think through your own tactics of fighting!

All levels can be taken in any order, so you won’t hung up on one task!

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INWAY - a fascinating platformer that allows you to try yourself in complex tests, and its passing can take a lot of nerves!

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