look & feel
IslandDash is a 3D Open-world Minigame.
It was created by a small group of people with passion and pride.

We are planning Island Dash as a "work in progress" project.
In the first version the game only is a Minigame with a approximated 10-15 min gameplay time,
but with every update we will implement new cool features that will improve the games niceness.

what to expect
On your journey you are ought to collect some coconuts
with your Cococollector3000 while avoiding evil crabs,
help Pizza-Diego by bringing him some pineapples or
even catch a parrot for an old pirate.
In the current version you can expect approximately 10 to 15 minutes Gameplay,
but we are working hard to include new features and Minigames in further versions.

On a lovely little Island named „Porto Parmesano“ a Tourist is sleeping at the beach.
Suddenly as the Hotdog seller shouts out „Hotdogs, fresh Hotdogs!!“ the Tourist slowly awakes.
As he arrives at the Hotdog stand he realises that he lost all his money.

Now it is your job to collect some money for him.
How many calories will he remain when he finally gets his HotDog?

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Island Dash

You are controlling the Tourist through the whole Island.
Your goal is to collect as much money as quickly as possible, so the Tourist can buy himself a Hotdog.
If you are to slow and he runs out of calories, he will die. 🙁

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